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medeli drums

Table of Contents. Page 2 Congratulations! Thank you for purchasing this digital drum module. The drum module has been developed to act and play like a drum set but with greater ease. Before you use the instrument, we recommend you to read through this manual.

This button is used to turn on or turn off the Turn it clockwise to increase the volume percussion of song. Connect with external sound source. Page 6: Setup Setup Caution! To prevent electric shock and damage to the device, make sure the power is switched OFF on the drum and all related device before making any connection.

Connect the Pads and the Pedals Using the provided cables, connect each Trigger input jack on the rear panel of the module, and make sure each pad is connected to its corresponding Trigger input jack. Page 8: Functions Functions Switch the power ON After confirming all connection have been completed, rotate the volume knob to the left minimum volume level before switching the power on.

Set the power switch to "on" position to switch on the power. Display shows the song's number and its indicator lights up.

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Note: The preset song setting is after you slide on power. Song indicator 1. The song indicator lights and the current song's number appears. Press [ drum off ] button. The drum off indicator lights. The drum mute function is active.

BULONG - December Avenue (Medeli DD315 / Alesis Compact Kit7 Drum Cover)

The drum part in the song will be muted. Page Create A User Drum Kit Create a User Drum Kit Set a drum voice Voice indicator The unit comes with high quality percussion sounds that you can assign to any of the drum pad, 3 cymbals, hi-hat control and bass drum. This way you can create your own drum kit that consists of the voice you want. Page Setting Setting Adjust the pad Sensitivity You can adjust the sensitivity gain of the inputs from pads. Display shows: "EXX", the pad sensitivity value is indicated.

Page Reverb Reverb This function sets the reverb effect of the drum. In " kit mode", press the [ kit ] button, display shows the current reverb setting. Tuning This function sets the pitch of each drum pad voice.

Connecting with an External Sound Device The digital drum transmission channel for the drum kit is fixed to Channel Print page 1 Print document 18 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk.Even though technology has moved on significantly since the DD J was first introduced, this electronic kit still represents good value for money.

The DD J is just one of over 14, music-related products currently offered by web-based Gear4Music, which sources its products from a variety of manufacturers from around the globe. This electronic drum set is manufactured by Medeli, a huge Chinese corporation which specialises in the development, design and manufacture of electronic musical instruments. Like its smaller-footprint DD cousin, this kit has been in circulation for over three years full service, yet it manages to retain some credible features for those on a tight budget.

As with any standard electronic kit, this set revolves around an 'H' framed rack to which all the pads attach. The drum module or brain is the centre-piece. This creates a rack which is both strong and rigid while also providing each of the plastic pads and rack clamps with an excellent surface to grip.

The black finish plastic-encased module features an intuitive layout and has a raft of controls, including push buttons and a single large rotary volume. The single zoned drum pads are made from plastic, with rubberised heads stretched over a soft sponge-type material. The cymbal pads also single zoneare the familiar budget-style triangular shaped plastic affairs finished in black.

Occupying the lower section of the module is a graphic representation of the whole kit. When any of the voices are sounded or triggered either when striking one of the pads or playing one of the 50 preset songsat the same time as the voices are heard the individual pads illuminate. To the rear of the module is a large single winged nut with an integral clamp to attach the module onto the drum rack.

This module offers a tap tempo facility, activated during the playback of any of the onboard preset songs. We are not sure exactly why, but although the requirement is four taps on the button it's just the last two which actually alter the tempo. The DD hasn't quite got the sophistication of some of the more expensive setups which offer adjustable parameters for individual pads, but you do have the facility to alter the volume of each pad in a user kit.

One of the unique features of this kit mentioned on the G4M website is the facility for the user to fit their own heads. However, we think the pads feel good and would be inclined to change them only if they began to show significant signs of wear. We must admit that even after some lengthy playing during the review, they showed hardly any signs that the stick-resilient rubber had even been struck.

As the sticks bounce around on each of these pads, even with the occasional miss hitthe trigging is fairly impressive. There is, however, no in-built provision to counteract the dreaded machine gun effect from the snare. Checking out each of the preset songs demonstrates some of potential and the pitfalls of the module. Some songs are so cheesy and then some! At least there is the option to mute the drums while you copy what the programmer has interpreted as 'drumming', though some of the rhythm tracks lack the feel and expression that you'd associate with a real player.

However, rectifying this problem could be the first job for the user! The manual suggests that the "lighting guide function" where the corresponding LED illuminates as each pad sounded could be a good method of learning to play the kit but, in practice, we found that, unless the tempo is slowed right down and the beat is basic, you'll have a really hard job keeping up!

MusicRadar The No. Virtual Guitar Show ! Home Reviews. Our Verdict Even though technology has moved on significantly since the DD J was first introduced, this electronic kit still represents good value for money. Pros The pads are reasonably responsive. You can fit your own heads. Cons Machine gun snare effect is noticeable. Can't adjust parameters on a per-pad basis. Image 1 of 2 Even after three years in circulation, the DD J remains a good entry-level buy. Gear4Music DD J.Log in Become a member.

Medeli DD Product presentation. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Electronic drums for euros, do not ask for the moon. There's something for his money, not more. This drumkit can serve as a drumkit of study for beginners, or may allow a group to repeat without making too much noise.

But do not expect the move is too Camelotti, it would not survive transport.

medeli drums

You can find this drumkit under various brands, we recognize the sound module to its small and round. I've had two months. I did try two drummers friends. All tools are provided screwdriver, wrench square hex key. A pair of simple wooden chopsticks is also provided. An installation manual and instructions are supplied. The sounds are correct. The USB allows at info noon trigger external sounds.

The module also contains his thirty pieces of various genres, working styles. Line Out audio is stereo mini jack, so any provision in the budget of adapter leads to a different standard. There is also a mini headphone jack, a mini-jack for connecting a portable or otherwise. All triggers are dynamic still! The snare is the weakest point of this drumkit.If this is your first visit, you will need to register to post or view specific content.

If you cannot sign in, please visit this topic for your solution, or our Forum Talk forum for answers to more frequently asked questions. Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Having issues? Please visit our Forum Talk section for answers to frequently asked questions. YoDrum by Medeli. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. YoDrum by MedeliAM. Anyone has more info about it? It has an interesting design and it connects to your phone to an app for adding samplesrecording metronome etc but i am not sure about its quality until someone can demo it.

Last edited by silot ;AM. Tags: None. I watched the videos and looked through the web site. YoDrum has all the marks of previous Medeli e-drum offerings, which is to say the kit seems more like a toy than a serious musical instrument. Yes, there is the large storage capacity 63 GB and smart phone integration, but the pads, cymbals, rack, and overall design seem toy-like.

Comment Post Cancel. The same goes for Yamaha so i think it is actually a good deal for the price.Recognized as a symbol of design excellence around the world.

The signature aesthetic industrial design and unique easy-to-assemble structure defined the award-winning YoDrum. It features our own proprietary chip accompanied by industry-leading sound library. The extremely low-latency multi-channel wireless connection makes real-time communications smooth. In terms of product design, craftsmanship, technology, and user experience, YoDrum sets one of the most important milestones in modern musical instrument industry. Minimized Module.

Integrated compact sound module. Wireless mobile device connection. Invincibly Invisible. Internal cables save you from mess. Infinite Possibilities. Simply use your phone to record samples. Convincible Convenience. Highly accessible ports. YoDrum Pro App.

Powerful user-friendly gadget. YoDrum's unique U-shaped drum stand is one of its instantly recognizable features. The U also makes the kit easier to set up, as everything just snaps together whereas no tools are needed! All of the complex cables and wirings are hidden inside the drum stand, and you're left with a smooth looking, aesthetically integrated kit. The intelligent module and stand were designed to flow together, and you can tell it is a single art piece on your first glance.

The U-Bend is manufactured through a rigorous stage process. Seven of these processes are used to achieve the precise bend of the pipe while ensuring a perfect curve within its own internal cross section. The silent pads are made of new theodolite composite material for natural and noiseless performance. If you're drumming in a living room, you won't even wake your baby!Medeli Electronics believes the full enjoyment of music greatly relies on high-quality musical instruments.

The company is dedicated to producing top quality digital products for players of all kinds of music. Looking for something specific? Search through our entire product range of electronic drum kits, amplifiers for electronic drum kits, digital pianos, stage pianos and master keyboards, keyboards, power supplies, in-store solutions and more.

The downloads page provides you with everything you need for a perfect Medeli experience. Here you can also download updates for the older versions of Medeli. Explore our nationwide distributor list. We are at your disposal for technical and product application assistance in an area near you. This stylish stage piano has got 88 weighed keys hammer action and powerful 20 watt built-in stereo speakers. The piano is user friendly and features many sounds, suitable for on stage and at home.

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The Science of Music Medeli Electronics believes the full enjoyment of music greatly relies on high-quality musical instruments. Start Browsing Check Our Products.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please send us an Email Contact Us. Huge stock in the central Holland warehouse. EU service center for fast after sales service. Medeli inspires and empowers music enthusiast to enjoy, grow and share.

Medeli DD504 Owner's Manual

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Privacy and cookie statement.Order by:. Available to:. New M. The sounds are formed on an algorithm that is a traditional envelope based on velocity and duration. Each note has a seamless fusion of unlimited layers of samples and a massive variety of changes. Giving detail and authenticity. Over realistic on-board sounds are wonderfully reproduced through the powerful high-definition 6-speaker sound system.

medeli drums

Real Piano Action Our real piano action comes from our factory in Italy. The action is tailored for the real-world concert pianist. Every subtle nuance. From soft pianissimo to FF Fortissimo, flows naturally. High Definition Touch-Screen Intuitive. It makes selecting your favorite sounds and control easy. Play Like a Star With built-in music styles and arrangements you have a whole accompaniment band available to you. Features such as Pianist Mode.

Full Choir, 1 Touch Chord Playing allows you to play like a star. Performance Recording Record your playing and performances using the built-in microphone connection and add vocal or other real sound tracks. Follow along on the screen to learn new songs. In Piano Mode you can easily select a scenario from a record studio.

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Jazz bar, church or concert hall for your performance. Hours of incredible high-definition music produced by the M. Sound Technology is available for your listening pleasure. Medeli SP Pianoforte digitale Stage piano a 88 tasti con tastiera hammer act. Pianoforte digitale portatile con ritmi 88 tasti pesanti Medeli SP Pianoforte digitale 88 tasti pesati Medeli CDP Di prodotti audio, prodotti per dj, strumenti a fiato ecc.

Dotato di tastiera hammer action. Offre oltre suoni e accompagnamenti con tasti di selezione rapida. E' possibile inoltre creare i propri accompagamenti e memorizzarli, oltre che editare numerosi parametri e aggiungere effetti, o sfruttare le connessioni MIDI e USB per interfacciarlo con altri apparecchi o computer.

Disponibile separatamente lo stand in legno dedicato. This natural-feeling rubber cymbal pad has the swing you're used to and almost none of the noise of an acoustic cymbal. It works with virtually all electronic drum modules and devices and mounts on most cymbal stands and mounts. Natural-feeling rubber cymbal pad, Realistic cymbal movement, Almost none of the noise of an acoustic cymbal, Works with virtually all electronic drum modules and devices, Mounts on most cymbal stands and mounts, This is a used cymbal is very good condition.

Gear4Music DD502(J) electronic drum kit review

It has no branding but is identical in manufacture to the Alesis DMPad. Medeli 12" and Simmons 12" Cymbal. With signs of normal usage. Visit our store to find out more about our listing! We will not collect any passwords or credit card information from you. Items listed with"Buy it now" option require immediate payment.

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